Frequently Asked Questions about The GoLaserTM Nail Fungus Treatment

Dare to bare photoQ: How long does the treatment last, howmany do I need and what will it feel like?
A: The treatment should last for approximately 15minutes and it is reccommended that each patientreceives 5 treatments. You will feel a warmings ensation that will indicate the fungus is effectively being treated.

Q: Do I need to stay off my feet and howlong will it take to get clear nails?
A: Patients may resume normal activities immediately after treatment. While you will see clear nail growth in 4-6 weeks, it may take as long as 9 months for a clear nail to fully grow out.

Q: How is The GoLaser TM different fromother forms of treatment?
A: The FDA Cleared1 GoLaser treatment avoids the side effects and risks that are associated with topical and oral medications while also providing faster and more effective results. Your physician will be able to provide you with further information regarding the dangers of alternative treatments.

Q: Is the treatment covered by insurance?
A: As a cosmetic treatment, laser therapy is not covered by insurance. Consult your physician for further information regarding cost and payment

Q: How did I get this affliction?
A: Firstly, it’s not necessarily your fault. If your feet suffer from heavy perspiration, or you have spent time in public areas, such as gyms or swimming pools where the fungus has been present, you may have been unknowingly receptive to the affliction. In most cases the toe is susceptible to fungus growth in an area that has experienced a form of trauma. The important thing to remember is that no matter how you became infected, there are effective treatment options.

Q: Can the affliction be resolved and what is my role in the treatment process?
A: Laser treatments are able to eradicate the infection in most cases. You and your physician will become partners in the treatment for the temporary increase in clear nail and it will be necessary to follow any and all recommendations made by your physician for the treatment of related spores that may be left on clothing, in your shoes or in your home.